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Finally, You Can Stream Spotify Directly From Your Apple Watch

Spotify confirmed today it has begun to roll out support for standalone streaming on its Apple Watch app. The feature had been spotted in testing back in September, and arrives roughly two years after Spotify debuted its dedicated Apple Watch app.

With support for standalone streaming, users can listen to Spotify music or podcasts via a Wi-Fi connection or over cellular, without needing to be tethered to their iPhone.

Haven’t used your Apple Watch in a while? Here’s how to dust it off and get it ready for the new update.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap ‘My Watch‘ tab.

Tap on ‘General‘ and then ‘Software Update.’

Enter your passcode and then tap to download the update.

Wait for the update to download to your Apple Watch.

Keep your Apple Watch on its charger until the update is finished. The update can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the update’s size.


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