Spotify are rolling out Canvas feature to more artists!

Spotify is expanding access to Canvas via Spotify For Artists

Canvas is a marriage of sights to sounds, giving artists a way to express themselves visually while simultaneously deepening listeners’ connection to the music. The Canvases you create are also shareable outside of the Spotify app. When a listener shares your track to their Instagram Story, they’ll see your Canvas loop in the background — along with track details and a link back for fans to “Play on Spotify.”

With these three to eight-second looping images that appear in the “Now Playing” view, artists can add a layer of unique branding to a new release or give older releases a visual refresh that will draw listeners in.

In fact, we’ve been tracking the efficacy of adding a Canvas to a track in beta, and we’ve found that when listeners see a Canvas, they are more likely to keep streaming (+5% on average vs. control group), share the track (+145%), add it to their playlists (20%), save the track (+1.4%), and visit your profile page (+9%).

To learn more about Canvas, its specs, our content policy, and to get inspiration for what your Canvases can look like, go to the Canvas site.

To create a custom canvas contact 180 Creative


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